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You can view our FAQ below. If you have more questions, or if you'd like more details, just give us a call! Our agents are available 24/7!

Q: "Is drinking allowed on the vehicles?"

A: Yes, drinking is absolutely allowed - provided that you're of legal drinking age! You'll even find that our limousines and buses have convenient refreshment areas and coolers that will be stocked with ice so you can chill your drinks! Keep in mind, however, that we cannot provide alcohol for you. If you plan to drink, you must BYOB!

Q: "Is smoking allowed on the vehicles?"

A: No, all of our vehicles are strictly non-smoking. If you need a smoke break, just let your driver know and they'll be happy to find a safe place to stop for your to take a break!

Q: "Are there any additional costs associated with keeping the limo longer than we originally intended to?"

A: This is certainly the case with many limousine companies, but it's not something that you'll have to worry about with Raleigh Limo. We are happy when our customers are having a good time, and we never mind if you stay longer than you planned. You will not be charged additional fees, just the same hourly rate that you agreed to during booking.

Q: "Will you be able to provide transportation for my event that is located outside of your service area?"

A: We are sometimes able to do this, depending on the distance of the trip and several other factors. It's of course easier for us to accommodate trips like this when the booking is made at least two weeks in advance, so we can plan for it not to interfere with our other bookings. Give us a call with your destinations and we'll see what we can do!

Q: "Do you hire professional chauffeurs or just drivers?"

A: Other limousine companies hire anyone with a license to drive a limousine, but we go a step further and only hire professional chauffeurs. As we mentioned in the answer above about insurance, we continually train these chauffeurs to make sure their skills are top notch. They also have to pass multiple tests when becoming a part of our team, including background checks and driving record checks, plus drug tests and driving tests.

Q: "My event is on a holiday or very late in the evening, is your business closed at these times?"

A: We are open 365 days of the year, 7 days a week, and 24 hours a day. There are virtually no limitations on the dates and times that you can hire our services. However, booking in advance is something that we always recommend, because if we're booked, we're booked! It doesn't matter if we're open all year round if we are already booked on the desired date of service when you call.

Q: "Do you offer specially priced packages and customized travel for wedding transportation?"

A: Yes we do. These customized wedding packages include red carpet service, interior decor, and just married signs, in addition to several other perks. You'll receive special pricing too, and we can talk about the details regarding that when you call to book your limousine. We do everything that we can to make sure that your wedding day is memorable and that the travel is reliable.

Q: "What are your hours of operation?"

A: We operate 24 hours per day!

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